(Video) French Wine Terms for Each Wine Region

Sunday, Nov 2nd 2014
Pronounce French Wine Terms
French Wine Terms: How to Pronounce Common Terms for Each Wine Region Do you ever find yourself struggling to pronounce certain French words, while at dinner or traveling? In this video we show you how to pronounce French wine terms like a pro, so you’ll never be shy about ordering that ...

Complete List of French National Holidays

Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014
French national holidays
Have you ever booked a vacation in another country only to find out that most local businesses there were closed in observation of a holiday you didn’t know about? When planning a wine tour in France you need to consider many factors: the time of year, for instance—some wineries close ...

Paris Restaurants Open on Sundays

Thursday, Jul 10th 2014
Paris Restaurants Open on Sundays
While in Paris, you might struggle to find Paris restaurants open on Sundays. The seventh day of the French week is a day of rest, and many shops and restaurants in Paris are closed.   So where should you go for lunch or dinner on Sundays? It depends on where you are in the city! […]

(Video) Wine Tasting Etiquette in France

Saturday, Jun 28th 2014
Wine Tasting Etiquette
In this video we discuss the proper wine tasting etiquette while taking a wine tour in France. We cover how to dress, what questions to ask your guide, as well as a brief overview of the proper tasting techniques. One question I get from my guests before they taking a wine tour in France is: ...

Paris Guide: The Essentials to Plan a Perfect Trip

Monday, Jun 2nd 2014
Here is our essential Paris guide with useful articles and guidelines for touring the most romantic city in France, and for sampling it’s food and wine. Paris, known as the City of Light, is considered by some to be the most beautiful city in the world. It exudes romance and attracts ...

(Video) Wine Tour in France: When is the Best Time to Go

Tuesday, Apr 29th 2014
bordeaux winery tours
In this video we offer tips on the best time to take a wine tour in France. We consider the optimal times to access the best wine estates in France, scheduling around harvest in the fall, and other factors that may influence the best time for you to take a wine tour. (Video Transcript) The […]

Paris For Foodies: Top 10 Things to Do in Paris

Thursday, Sep 26th 2013
top 10 Paris
Top 10 Paris Foodie Must-Dos If one thing is certain, it’s that visiting Paris and living in Paris are two different endeavors when you’re a foodie. When you live here, you have to retain some modicum of restraint, for the sake of both your waistband and your wallet. But as a visitor, you can ...

Paris Museums: How to Make the Most of Your Next Visit

Tuesday, Jul 30th 2013
Paris museums
Visitors to Paris often find themselves shuttling from one museum to the next, trying to get in as much of the art and culture that seemingly defines the city as possible. You wouldn’t be wrong to follow in their footsteps, but be sure to enjoy yourself as you explore Paris’ art world; take ...

Essential Packing Guide: Travel with Only a Carry On

Thursday, May 23rd 2013
what to pack
Our packing guide for your wine tour can mean the difference between a smooth trip and one that is filled with stress and headaches.  Seasoned travelers know that less is more when it comes to choosing what pieces—and how many of them—you put in the suitcase. First, consider this: do not bring ...

How to Get the Best Airfares for Your French Wine Country Tour

Tuesday, Apr 2nd 2013
best airfares
How to Get the Best Airfares for Your French Wine Country Tour Do you know what can ruin your French Wine Country Tour?  A miserable flight experience.  It’s the first and last experience that can overshadow even the best tour experience. Here are some tips to help you get the best ...

5 ways a Hotel Concierge Service Is Your Best Advocate

Monday, Feb 4th 2013
concierge service
5 ways a Hotel Concierge Service Is Your Best Advocate While in Paris, on a wine tour to France, or elsewhere, the unexpected can sometimes ruin a trip.  But where can you turn when you need help while on a trip abroad? One of the most overlooked resources while in country is the hotel ...

Restaurant Wine Lists: See How You Can Order Wine With Confidence

Wednesday, Jan 16th 2013
restaurant wine lists
Restaurant Wine Lists: See How You Can Order Wine With Confidence Restaurant wine lists can be intimidating. There you are at a nice restaurant for a fine occasion, perhaps while on a wine tour in France. You have some idea which dinners you wish to order. The wine steward delivers the ...

How to Get to Bordeaux by Car, Train or Plane

Wednesday, Sep 26th 2012
french wine map
How to Get to Bordeaux by Car, Train or Plane Bordeaux is a major city in the South of France and is: – Less than 3 hours from Paris by TGV (22 return journeys per day) – 45 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean – 2 hours from Spain – 20 minutes from the Bordeaux-Mérignac ...

How To Choose the Best France Wine Touring Company For You

Tuesday, Aug 28th 2012
france wine touring
How To Choose the Best France Wine Touring Company For You You have decided to spend your hard earned vacation in wine country in France.  But where do you start? The first thing to note is that France wine touring can be very different from a wine tour in Napa.  So the first thing to […]

Top 5 Mistakes When Planning a Wine Tour

Monday, Mar 5th 2012
  Discovering Margaux, the region and its properties, could well be the highlight of your trip to Bordeaux. Margaux is the largest of the six regions of the Médoc, and the farthest south. The 1,479 lucky people who live there reside in one of the most famous wine making regions on earth. ...
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