(Video) Top 5 Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Pascale Bernasse | Saturday, Feb 21st 2015

In this Tuesday Tip we give you our top five suggestions for romantic things to do in Paris.

Video Transcript: Top 5 Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Hi, this is Pascale Bernasse with French Wine Explorers and this is your Tuesday Tip in About a Minute.

As you know, Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and often our clients ask us how we can infuse a little more romance when visiting Paris. So here are our top five most romantic things to do on your next trip to Paris.

  1. First, I recommend a river cruise along the Seine. Now I’m not talking about a river cruise with 300 of your newest best friends, I’m talking about a dinner cruise on the Yachts de Paris. It’s limited to about 50 guests, and it’s Michelin quality food, so it’s a really wonderful way to experience going down the Seine. A special touch is at one point the captain will ask you to climb up the deck, and what to you see but the Eiffel Tower all sparkled in lights, so that’s a really wonderful way to spend an evening.
  2. For something a little bit more low-key and casual, I recommend a picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens. Grab some wine, some cheese, and a baguette, go to the Luxembourg Gardens, enjoy the wonderful flowerbeds, find a picnic bench, have a picnic, enjoy some people watching, and just enjoy time together.
  3. I love to spend an evening that’s extremely romantic in Paris tasting champagne at a champagne bar. And one of my favorites is at the Radison Le Dokhans near the Trocadero. Why do I love this champagne bar? Because they have a sommelier that picks Grand Crus from boutique producers that you can discover by the glass. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll get one of the seats by the Eiffel Tower. It’s really a great way to spend the evening.
  4. One wonderful way to discover Paris is on a private guided tour. Nowadays you can find vintage cars that allow you to tour Paris, in particular in a Deux Chevaux (2CV) which is a traditional vintage car. It’s really a neat way to see the city and capture what the essence of Paris was like 50 years ago. Now, if you’re looking for something that’s a little more upscale or contemporary, of course you could do a private guided tour of the city in a sedan or minivan.One way to enhance your day, after your driving city tour of Paris, is a private guided tour of the Louvre or Orsay museum. I like private guided tours of the museums because you can really better understand the history and the romantic stories that are behind a lot of the scenes that you are going to see.
  5. A lot of people ask me about where to dine, somewhere special that they can go, and one of the things that I really enjoy to do and I find very romantic is dinner at the Jules Verne but even better is lunch at the Jules Verne. Why? Because it’s going to be less pricy, it’s going to be less in demand, and you’ll have beautiful views during the day of Paris. The Jules Verne is in the Eiffel Tower and you do need to reserve a few months in advance in order to get your seat. And I recommend a table in the middle of the restaurant or facing the window for the best views.

And that’s it! Those are some of our tips for romantic things to do in Paris, if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them, please comment below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for your next Tuesday Tip in About a Minute.

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