Wine Pairing With Steak: Bordeaux Inspired Meal to Make at Home

Friday, Mar 22nd 2024
Wine Pairing with steak
Picture this: you’re hosting a meal and the main guest loves Bordeaux wines and steak. What is the best wine pairing with steak? In this post, find great tips and tricks for meal planning for Bordeaux wine lovers.  Here’s a preview for an easy, no-fail Bordeaux-themed meal that ...

Saint Emilion Wines: The Best You Need Now

Monday, Oct 2nd 2023
Saint Emilion Wines
*Please note: pricing may vary since the release of the article a few years ago! Saint Emilion Wines can be pricey, luckily, you can find great values as well.  Here is our shortlist of Saint Emilion wines to include in your collection: Chateau Pavie-Macquin Chateau Figeac Chateau Canon Chateau ...

Cognac vs Whiskey: 4 Differences To Help You Choose The Best

Sunday, Jun 11th 2023
Cognac vs Whiskey
When it comes to choosing a spirit to drink, the choices are plenty. Choosing the best one can be a daunting task thanks to the many options available. Today, the comparison between French Cognac vs whiskey (from the States) dominates a majority of late-night conversations. The fight between ...

Bordeaux Wine and Cheese Pairings Guaranteed to Please!

Tuesday, Jan 3rd 2023
wine and cheese pairings
What are the best Bordeaux wine and cheese pairings?  This is a question often asked, and we wanted to offer you an easy guide to help you when hosting a dinner party or luncheon. Easy wine & cheese combinations: Brie with red St. Emilion wine  Soft ripened Saint Albray cheese with red ...

Easy French Wine Map You Need to Plan Your Dream Wine Tour

Monday, Jun 27th 2022
french wine map
Have you ever wondered where the French wine regions are located, and how best to get there? First, when planning your wine tour to France, it’s best to see where the French wine regions are situated on a French wine map! Then gauge how far the French wine region is from Paris, or where ...

Cognac vs Armagnac: Similarities, Differences, and How to Choose

Saturday, May 30th 2020
Cognac vs Armagnac
Cognac vs Armagnac: Similarities, Differences, and How to Choose Before we delve into the details, here is the main distinction between Cognac vs Armagnac: A main difference between Cognac vs Armagnac is Armagnac is distilled once, while Cognac is twice distilled. For Cognac lovers, that means ...

Bordeaux Map of France: Getting There, What to Do

Saturday, Feb 22nd 2020
bordeaux map of france
A trip to Bordeaux has endless possibilities. You can enjoy tastings at famed estates, try regional dishes at local restaurants, and take in the rich history of some of France’s oldest towns. With all of these options, it can seem impossible to know where to begin! To make your ...

Your Easy Guide to the Best French Fall Wines

Wednesday, Nov 13th 2019
French fall wines
Easy Guide to French Fall Wines Fall is a time when the grapes in France hang heavy on the vine, surrounded by leaves of ochre and crimson, anticipating the harvest. It is also the perfect time to enjoy some more full-bodied wines after the lighter wines of summer. Here are some recommended ...

Bordeaux Travel Guide: The Perfect 3-Day Tour

Thursday, Sep 26th 2019
Bordeaux travel guide
Bordeaux is a diverse region full of character. It may be best known for its world-class wines, but Bordeaux has much to offer beyond the vineyards. Bordeaux has architectural and historical monuments to discover. The city is second to Paris for maintaining the most protected historical ...

Luxury French Wine Tours, Amazing Experiences, Great Wine

Sunday, Jun 16th 2019
luxury french wine tours
Luxury French Wine Tours, Amazing Experiences, Great Wine French Wine Explorers, America’s leader in luxury French wine tours, is expanding offerings with exciting wine tour packages for the 2020 season. These tours provide the ultimate experience for wine lovers. Programs feature luxury ...

How to Demystify Bordeaux: Best Bordeaux Wine by Region

Saturday, Jun 1st 2019
Best Bordeaux Wine
How to Demystify Bordeaux: Best Bordeaux Wine by Region For all of its beauty of variety and lasting history, Bordeaux wines can be a complex subject. Let’s break Bordeaux wine down to better understand the nuances of the major wine regions of the area, and to offer you the best Bordeaux ...

Bernasse is Conde Nast Travel Specialist 8 Years in a Row

Tuesday, Apr 9th 2019
Conde Nast travel specialist
Bernasse Earns Condé Nast Travel Specialist Eight Years in a Row French Wine Explorers announces that Pascale Bernasse, President of French Wine Explorers, is honored as a Condé Nast Travel Specialist for 2019. This is the eighth year in a row that Bernasse is recognized with this prestigious ...

(Video) Paris Bordeaux Wine Tour

Saturday, Feb 2nd 2019
Paris Bordeaux Wine Tour
Luxury Paris Bordeaux Wine Tour Video In this Paris Bordeaux Wine Tour video we give you a glimpse inside our tour highlight features. From cultural experiences to delicious food and wine, this Paris Bordeaux Wine tour is the perfect combination for a week of the good life! (Transcript) Find ...

Videos: France Travel To Help Plan Your Dream Wine Tour

Saturday, Jun 9th 2018
Videos On France Travel To Help Plan Your Dream Wine Tour In our popular Tuesday Tip in About a Minute video series we cover all things related to France travel, wine touring and beyond. Tips offered on the best time to take a wine tour to how to pack for the tour to what not […]

New and Exciting Small Group Tours to France and Italy

Tuesday, May 1st 2018
small group tours to France
(For immediate release) St. Michaels, MD, May 5, 2018 New Small Group Tours to France and Italy for 2019! Leading luxury wine tour provider French Wine Explorers has released its 2019 dates for its small group tours to France and Italy. New for 2019 is a tour to Tuscany, featuring iconic Super ...

When is the Best Time to Open Your Special Wine?

Tuesday, Aug 29th 2017
special wine
When is the Best Time to Open Your Special Wine? Many wine lovers have a good supply of wines that they enjoy drinking on a regular basis. One thinks of Chablis, for example, or Chateauneuf du Pape. Some fine Sauvignon Blanc wines from the Loire Valley, and some half bottles of Sauternes, give ...
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