What Are Rose Wines From Bordeaux?

French Wine Explorers | Friday, Jun 5th 2009
what are rose wines

Rose Wines From Bordeaux?

This is one of the hot new trends we are seeing coming out of Bordeaux – dry pink wines.

Many folks in this country are afraid of pink wines, the fear is that they will be sweet a la White Zinfandel. Well contrary to popular belief the greatest pink wines are actually dry wines and are very popular in Europe over the summer months or during the afternoon. If you walk into a restaurant for lunch in Bordeaux odds are that at least 50% of the people there dining will be drinking a dry rose.

Some Facts About Bordeaux:

Bordeaux produces over seventy million cases of wine per year, about 85% red, 12% white, and the rest rosé. Making the dry rose wines of Bordeaux the hardest to find with many producers only make a few hundred cases of dry rose for the entire world!

These two little gems are from two of the best producers in their prospective regions Phelan Segur lies within the St. Estephe appellation and Pavie is from the famous St. Emilion appellation. However there are no laws regulating the production of white or rose wines from these two regions so they must carry the generic title of Bordeaux as their appellation.

These two wines have incredible complexity and concentration for Rose wines and although they are both very drinkable right now they have the structure to last 2-4 years in your cellar.

What are Rose wines from France?

Rosé wine is not basically a blend of red and white wines. It is wine made by a process in which the grape juice is kept in contact with the pomace (grape skins and pips) for a controlled amount of time, thereby producing a lighter colored wine. There are several methods.

  • With the saignée (bleeding) method, for example, juice is produced by crushing the grapes with their own weight. The juice is in touch with the grape skins for a short time. This yields rich, fruity juice of a pale color and high quality.
  • Another method, the runoff, basically treats the rosé wine as a byproduct, by removing juice from the tank of fermenting red wine, in order to increase the intensity of flavor of the remaining red wine. The juice removed becomes rosé wine.

2007 Le Rose De Phelan Segur Bordeaux Rose

Wine Watch Review:Pretty nose of red cherry fruit with hints of rose petal perfume and still has that distinct mineral earthy component that defines the terroir of Bordeaux. On the palate this wine has succulent red cherry pie like fruit with lovely floral notes to the bone dry finish excellent freshness. Finish 35+ EXCELLENT

2007 La Rose de Pavie Bordeaux Rose

Wine Watch Review: Pretty nose of red cherry and raspberry fruit with notes of red licorice and fresh rose petal perfume. Excellent concentration and depth of flavors on the palate with a silky smooth texture with lots perfume and excellent freshness on the finish. Finish 35+ EXCELLENT +

From Andrew Lampasone, Winewatch.com

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