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Dear Wine Lover,

We are a Franco American couple who help others quench their thirst for transformative travel.

Our mission it to provide France wine tours to help wine lovers become connoisseurs.

There was an interesting article that explained how an older lady, after losing her husband of many years, had never taken a trip outside of the United States. After careful deliberation, she decided to travel to Europe. Unfortunately the travel advisor did not take the time to better understand her “dream” trip. The end result was a poorly prepared tour that crushed her dream of discovering new and exciting vistas.

I was touched by the sense of regret the author had for his mother. I have felt that sense of disappointment on some of my travels planned by others.

Custom designing each tour is labor intensive, requires creativity, and is subject to factors beyond our control. And that is exactly why we love what we do…The exclusive nature of planning a wine tour to France for a to help wine lovers become connoisseurs evokes a special feeling that is hard to describe. We are honored that such a task is given to us. We plan each tour as if it were our own, or for a close friend or relative.

We sweat the small stuff when we design a tour. These include pairing accommodations with clients’ preferences, a guide that has a similar background or a quality to enhance the wine touring experience, estate visits that are varied and offer new insights, and an experience that exudes authenticity. Our mission is to provide you with the best value for your investment of time and resources.

This is what I call redefining luxury. A unique, exclusive perspective offered in limited production. Like a cult wine or precious gem, the small batches of personalized, labor intensive experiences for those looking for an alternative to the common tour.

We are humbled by those who share this vision and entrust us with planning their journey.

We also value our partners abroad who embrace this same sense of pride of working on their craft. Take a look at our tour opportunities and see if this resonates with you. We offer our flagship tours, as well as new opportunities I call “immersions”- short, concentrated and not-to-be-found elsewhere. And if you are looking to elevate your experience even more, give us a ring, we would love to speak with you!

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Pierre and Pascale Bernasse

French Wine Explorers

France wine tours to help wine lovers become connoisseurs.

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