Cognac vs Armagnac: Similarities, Differences, and How to Choose

Saturday, May 30th 2020
Cognac vs Armagnac
When discussing French spirits, there is a common question we get, which is what is the difference between a fine Cognac vs Armagnac?  Before we delve into the details, here is the main distinction between Cognac vs Armagnac: A main difference between Cognac vs Armagnac is Armagnac is distilled ...

What is Cognac? Your Essential Quick Guide

Saturday, May 23rd 2020
what is Cognac?
What is Cognac?  When someone asks you “What is cognac?”  What is the easiest way to differentiate Cognac from brandy or Armagnac, or another spirit? Here is your essential guide to Cognac. Cognac is a brandy, a spirit produced by distilling wine from grapes. Cognac comes from a ...

Easy French Wine Map You Need to Plan Your Dream Wine Tour

Wednesday, May 13th 2020
french wine map
French Wine Map, Map of French Wine Regions When planning your wine tour to France, it’s best to see where the French wine regions are situated on a French wine map. Then it’s best to gauge how far the French wine region is from Paris or Nice, or where you will arrive initially in ...

What Are the Best Tuscan Wine Pairings?

Tuesday, Apr 7th 2020
Tuscan wine
What Are the Best Tuscan Wine Pairings with Food? Tuscan cuisine is based on “cucina povera,” a rural style based on seasonal and natural ingredients. These include olive oil, unsalted bread, wild mushrooms, vegetables, and either salt-cured or grilled meats. So what wines do you pair with this ...

The 10 Best Markets of Provence Not to Miss

Thursday, Mar 26th 2020
Best Markets of Provence
Colorful and lively, the best markets of Provence will take you on a picturesque discovery of flavors, fragrances and local products. Rooted in the French identity, food markets go beyond a tourist attraction. The best markets of Provence belong to the local culture and are the preferred ...

Bordeaux Map of France: Getting There, What to Do

Saturday, Feb 22nd 2020
bordeaux map of france
A trip to Bordeaux has endless possibilities. You can enjoy tastings at famed estates, try regional dishes at local restaurants, and take in the rich history of some of France’s oldest towns. With all of these options, it can seem impossible to know where to begin! To make your ...

Valentines Day Wines for Your Special Someone

Monday, Feb 10th 2020
Valentine's Day wines
It’s not too late for considering Valentines Day wines. What makes the wine “special,” though, is not just the wine itself. Also bear in mind the person with whom it is shared, and occasions you have enjoyed together. Those shared associations will be more meaningful than a pricey wine bought ...

Northern Rhone Wines That Will Make You Happy

Thursday, Jan 30th 2020
Rhone wines
Northern Rhone Wines That Will Make You Happy I’ve noted to students in my wine tasting courses, many wine regions have produced finer wines over recent years; thus, transforming what is available on the market. That particularly holds true in France. Quality conscious producers are making ...

Pascale Bernasse Celebrates 20 Years in the Travel Industry

Tuesday, Jan 21st 2020
bernasse travel
Pascale Bernasse Celebrates 20 Years in the Travel Industry Twenty years ago, Pascale Bernasse fulfilled a lifelong dream and began a career in the travel industry. Today, that dream remains a reality for her as the co-owner and President of French Wine Explorers.  Bernasse started working in ...

Bordeaux Wine and Cheese Pairings Guaranteed to Please!

Wednesday, Jan 8th 2020
wine and cheese pairings
Bordeaux Wine and Cheese Pairings What cheese goes well with Bordeaux wine? Easy wine and cheese pairings: Brie with red St. Emilion wine  Soft ripened Saint Albray cheese with red Bordeaux   Blue Cheese with Sauternes  Chèvre (goat cheeses) with Entre- Deux-Mers white Bordeaux  Have you ...

What Are Natural Wines? Why Should I Care About Them?

Thursday, Dec 12th 2019
natural wines
What Are Natural Wines? Why Should I Care About Them? The idea of “natural” wine originated in France in the 1960s. Winemakers in the Beaujolais region wanted to return to the production methods that their grandparents had used. They wanted to get away from the pesticide and chemical use that ...

New Year's Eve Menus With Perfect Champagne Pairings

Tuesday, Dec 10th 2019
new year's eve menus
New Year’s Eve Menus With Perfect Champagne Pairings So you have decided to host a festive New Year’s Eve champagne supper. You’ll want to choose from a few New Year’s Eve menus and make sure to pair the food thoughtfully. There are still many choices to make, depending upon ...

Your Easy Guide to the Best French Fall Wines

Wednesday, Nov 13th 2019
French fall wines
Easy Guide to French Fall Wines Fall is a time when the grapes in France hang heavy on the vine, surrounded by leaves of ochre and crimson, anticipating the harvest. It is also the perfect time to enjoy some more full-bodied wines after the lighter wines of summer. Here are some recommended ...

What Are The Best Thanksgiving Wines? We've Got Answers

Tuesday, Nov 12th 2019
Thanksgiving Wines
What Are The Best Thanksgiving Wines? The traditional Thanksgiving turkey is not an easy fit with wine. The upside of that dilemma is that there are no “right” Thanksgiving wines to serve. Turkey is not one of those meats that is automatically associated with any particular wine. ...

Bordeaux Travel Guide: The Perfect 3-Day Tour

Thursday, Sep 26th 2019
Bordeaux travel guide
Bordeaux Travel Guide: The Perfect 3-Day Tour Bordeaux is a diverse region full of character. It may be best known for its world-class wines, but Bordeaux has much to offer beyond the vineyards. Bordeaux has architectural and historical monuments to discover. The city is second to Paris for ...

Saint Emilion Wines: The Best Wines You Need Under $100

Thursday, Sep 19th 2019
Saint Emilion Wines
Saint Emilion Wines: The Best Wines You Need Under $100 St. Emilion Wines can be pricey, luckily, you can find great values as well.  Here is our shortlist of Saint Emilion wines under US$100: Chateau Beausejour-Becot La Tour Figeac Chateau Balestard la Tonnelle Chateau Moulin St. Georges. The ...
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