Pascale Bernasse Celebrates 24 Years in the Travel Industry

Friday, Jun 21st 2024
bernasse travel
Twenty-four years ago, Pascale Bernasse fulfilled a lifelong dream and began a career in the travel industry. Today, that dream remains a reality for her as the owner and President of French Wine Explorers.  Bernasse started working in the travel industry in 2000 after leaving a corporate ...

The Louvre Museum: Dining and Drinking Locally, Steering Clear of Tourist Traps

Thursday, Apr 4th 2024
louvre museum
Ask any local, and their best advice for eating near the most popular Parisian landmarks is not to! Restaurateurs know that tourists coming down from the Eiffel Tower or out of the Louvre Museum starving.  They take advantage of tired legs and “underdeveloped” palates to pawn ...

What is a Full Bodied Wine From France?

Wednesday, Mar 20th 2024
what is a full bodied wine
When someone tells us they like full-bodied red wines, we first ask them what their idea of a full-bodied wine is.  This allows us to understand better what resonates with their preferences.  Then we can recommend areas in France to discover better what is a full-bodied wine! Winter wines, ...

Saint Emilion Wines: The Best You Need Now

Monday, Oct 2nd 2023
Saint Emilion Wines
*Please note: pricing may vary since the release of the article a few years ago! Saint Emilion Wines can be pricey, luckily, you can find great values as well.  Here is our shortlist of Saint Emilion wines to include in your collection: Chateau Pavie-Macquin Chateau Figeac Chateau Canon Chateau ...

What Are the Best Tuscan Wine Pairings?

Monday, Sep 11th 2023
Tuscan wine
What Are the Best Tuscan Wine Pairings with Food? Tuscan cuisine is based on “cucina povera,” a rural style based on seasonal and natural ingredients. Olive oil, unsalted bread, wild mushrooms, vegetables, and salt-cured or grilled meats form the base of this cuisine. So what Italian wines pair ...

Montepulciano Italy: Where Some of the Best Wine is Made

Wednesday, Aug 2nd 2023
Montepulciano Italy
Italy offers some of the best wines in the world and is also perhaps the world’s most complex wine-producing country. In Italy, there are: 20 major regions, over 400 designated quality appellations (denominazione), and nearly 1,000 important wine grapes. Tuscany has more quality appellations ...

A Guide to the Most Iconic Italian Wine Regions

Wednesday, Aug 2nd 2023
Italian Wine Regions
Italy is a country rich with culture, delicious food, and–of course–delicious wine. From Tuscany to Piedmont, there is much to learn about the wines of the country. But where do you start? Here are our most popular posts all about famous Italian wine regions!   Italian Wine: Easy ...

What Is the Best Rosé Wine to Drink Now? We've Got Answers

Tuesday, May 23rd 2023
rosé wine
Have you heard of a June event called “Rosé Wine Day”? In our Eastern Shore of Maryland region, there are two wine retailers. Both of them featured rosé wines in their weekend promotions, with tastings. And if you were tasting them for the first time, you were in for a surprise. Some of the ...

Wine Tour Tips: Top 5 Planning Suggestions for Your Dream Tour

Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2023
wine tour tips
Planning a wine tour in France can feel like a part-time job. You have to research your destination, what to do, and what chateaus to visit. Before that, you check and book flights (and connecting flights). Then you find a desirable hotel—and hope that the website is representative of what ...

Best Wine Movies for French Wine Lovers Including Some Surprises

Tuesday, Jan 17th 2023
wine movies
Do you want our take on which wine movies are best for French wine lovers? Here are a few options, many are popular, and a couple may surprise you. Wine Movies: Start Here Mondovino: This is a great documentary that examines the critics, consultants, and the big guys vs. the little guys. It ...

Gougères Recipe in 5 Easy Steps

Tuesday, Jan 3rd 2023
Easy Gougeres Recipe
Do you know that feeling when you want to offer some appetizers but don’t know what to serve beyond chips and dip? Here is an easy gougères recipe (pronounced goo-jairs) that is a real crowd-pleaser. Plus you can make a larger batch to freeze for that last-minute get-together, or even to ...

Bordeaux Wine and Cheese Pairings Guaranteed to Please!

Tuesday, Jan 3rd 2023
wine and cheese pairings
What are the best Bordeaux wine and cheese pairings?  This is a question often asked, and we wanted to offer you an easy guide to help you when hosting a dinner party or luncheon. Easy wine & cheese combinations: Brie with red St. Emilion wine  Soft ripened Saint Albray cheese with red ...

New Years Eve Menus With Perfect Champagne Pairings

Tuesday, Dec 27th 2022
New Years Eve Menus
Perfect Champagne Pairings For New Years Eve Menus So you have decided to host a festive New Years’ Eve champagne supper. First, choose from a few New Years Eve menus and make sure to pair the food thoughtfully. Then there are still many choices to make, depending on your preference for ...

Easy French Wine Map You Need to Plan Your Dream Wine Tour

Monday, Jun 27th 2022
french wine map
Have you ever wondered where the French wine regions are located, and how best to get there? First, when planning your wine tour to France, it’s best to see where the French wine regions are situated on a French wine map! Then gauge how far the French wine region is from Paris, or where ...

The 10 Best Markets of Provence Not to Miss

Monday, May 23rd 2022
Best Markets of Provence
Colorful and lively, the best markets of Provence will take you on a picturesque discovery of flavors, fragrances, and local products. Rooted in the French identity, food markets go beyond a tourist attraction. First, the best markets of Provence belong to the local culture. Second, they are ...

How to Get the Best Airfares for Your Wine Country Tour

Saturday, Apr 2nd 2022
best airfares
Do you know what can ruin your French or Italian Wine Country Tour?  A miserable flight experience.  It’s the first and last experience that can overshadow even the best tour experience. Air travel was, at one time, predictable. One could phone a travel agent, book a trip ...
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