Easy French Wine Map You Need to Plan Your Dream Wine Tour

Wednesday, May 13th 2020
french wine map
French Wine Map, Map of French Wine Regions When planning your wine tour to France, it’s best to see where the French wine regions are situated on a French wine map. Then it’s best to gauge how far the French wine region is from Paris or Nice, or where you will arrive initially in ...

Valentines Day Wines for Your Special Someone

Monday, Feb 10th 2020
Valentine's Day wines
It’s not too late for considering Valentines Day wines. What makes the wine “special,” though, is not just the wine itself. Also bear in mind the person with whom it is shared, and occasions you have enjoyed together. Those shared associations will be more meaningful than a pricey wine bought ...

New Year's Eve Menus With Perfect Champagne Pairings

Tuesday, Dec 10th 2019
new year's eve menus
New Year’s Eve Menus With Perfect Champagne Pairings So you have decided to host a festive New Year’s Eve champagne supper. You’ll want to choose from a few New Year’s Eve menus and make sure to pair the food thoughtfully. There are still many choices to make, depending upon ...

Bernasse is Conde Nast Travel Specialist 8 Years in a Row

Tuesday, Apr 9th 2019
Conde Nast travel specialist
Bernasse Earns Condé Nast Travel Specialist Eight Years in a Row French Wine Explorers announces that Pascale Bernasse, President of French Wine Explorers, is honored as a Condé Nast Travel Specialist for 2019. This is the eighth year in a row that Bernasse is recognized with this prestigious ...

France Video Series: What You Need to Know About Wine and Travel

Saturday, Jun 9th 2018
What You Need ToKnow AboutWine &Travel
France Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know In our popular Tuesday Tip in About a Minute video series we cover all things related to wine touring and beyond. Tips offered on the best time to take a wine tour to how to pack for the tour to what not to do while on tour. […]

Pascale Bernasse of French Wine Explorers Named Top Travel Specialist for 2016

Wednesday, Dec 28th 2016
pascale bernasse
Pascale Bernasse, President of French Wine Explorers, named Top Travel Specialist for wine tours in France by Condé Nast Traveler magazine for the fifth year in a row. Pascale Bernasse, President of French Wine Explorers, is honored with an enviable spot on the 2016 Condé Nast Top Travel ...

(Video) Where Are the Best Paris Champagne Bars?

Tuesday, Apr 5th 2016
paris champagne bars
Where Are the Best Paris Champagne Bars? In this Tuesday Tip in About a Minute, we give you our top three choices for the best Paris champagne bars to try on your next visit to the City of Light. (Transcript) Hi, this is Pascale Bernasse with French Wine Explorers and this is your Tuesday Tip ...

Luxury Wine Tour Company French Wine Explorers Unveils Newly Designed Website

Tuesday, Feb 9th 2016
luxury wine tour
Luxury Wine Tour Company French Wine Explorers Unveils Newly Designed Website (For immediate release) St. Michaels, Maryland (PRWEB) January 21, 2016. Luxury wine tour company French Wine Explorers begins 2016 with a newly designed website that will enhance viewers’ experiences, and truly ...

French Champagne: How to Make Your Party Pop!

Tuesday, Dec 29th 2015
French champagne
We all associate French champagne with pleasant occasions. I’d like to highlight five champagnes from three different French champagne producers, each of high quality, for your tasting enjoyment. And let me say thanks to the French champagne makers, who have consistently exceeded their own ...

Essential Champagne Guide: Discover the Region That Sparkles

Saturday, Mar 21st 2015
Champagne Guide
Here is our essential Champagne guide with useful articles, a video, and guidelines for wine touring through the region and sampling its wine. Essential Champagne Guide The Champagne region is one of the historic provinces in France boasting a rich agricultural area. It is most famous for its ...

French Wine Explorers Celebrates its 15th Year Planning Wine Tours in France

Monday, Jan 19th 2015
French Wine Explorers
(Press Release from PRWeb) Luxury wine and culinary tour company, French Wine Explorers is set to celebrate its fifteenth year crafting one-of-a-kind trips to France and Italy. “We’re excited about celebrating our fifteenth anniversary,” says Pascale Bernasse, President of French Wine ...

Dining in France: 5 Helpful Tips For the Best Experience

Saturday, Dec 6th 2014
dining in france
You may think that dining in France is much like eating out in any country. Walk into a restaurant, ask for a menu, order, eat, pay, leave. And yet if you’re used to American restaurants, there are a few things about the French system that might strike you as odd. Never fear; with this ...

(Video) French Wine Terms for Each Wine Region

Sunday, Nov 2nd 2014
Pronounce French Wine Terms
French Wine Terms: How to Pronounce Common Terms for Each Wine Region Do you ever find yourself struggling to pronounce certain French words, while at dinner or traveling? In this video we show you how to pronounce French wine terms like a pro, so you’ll never be shy about ordering that ...

(Video) Champagne Saber: How to Sabre a Champagne Bottle

Tuesday, Jul 29th 2014
champagne for new year's
In this video we give you step-by-step instructions on how to sabre a champagne bottle like a pro. Instructional Video: Champagne Saber How to Sabre a Champagne Bottle Is there a new baby in the family? Did you receive a promotion at work or get recognized for a job well done? Whatever the ...

Sustainable Caviar for the Discerning Palate

Thursday, Jun 26th 2014
Not all caviar is caviar just as not all champagne is champagne. The term caviar is reserved for roe that is extracted from wild sturgeon caught in the waters of the Caspian and Black Seas, while other roe, such as salmon, should be called just that, roe. Likewise the bubbly, golden drink often ...

Seven Splendid French Wine Themed Mother's Day Gifts

Thursday, May 1st 2014
luxury wine tours
The day to honor our mothers is fast approaching and while a bouquet of flowers paired with a box of mixed chocolates may be an old-standby, why not explore other avenues for your Mother’s Day gifts? Instead of the typical boxed sweets, try a dessert wine. In France, the Sauternes and ...
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