Seven Splendid French Wine Themed Mother's Day Gifts

Thursday, May 1st 2014
luxury wine tours
The day to honor our mothers is fast approaching and while a bouquet of flowers paired with a box of mixed chocolates may be an old-standby, why not explore other avenues for your Mother’s Day gifts? Instead of the typical boxed sweets, try a dessert wine. In France, the Sauternes and ...

Champagne for the Holidays: a Baker's Dozen of Great Selections

Monday, Dec 12th 2011
champagne for new year's
The annual champagne tasting at Wide World of Wines in Washington, D.C., let us preview an assortment of fine champagnes for the holidays. Champagnes are a blend of Chardonnay (flavor and consistency), Pinot Noir (depth), and Pinot Meunier grapes (a touch of spice). “Blanc de ...

Crémant: It Bubbles, but it's not Champagne?

Wednesday, Mar 9th 2011
burgundy france
When I was in college, the entertainment budget for my international relations club was so small that once we resorted to serving Sparkling Burgundy. It was dreadful. How times have changed! The French are now producing superior sparkling wines in addition to champagne. Gradually, we are ...

The Champagne Wine Region in Paris

Sunday, Jan 9th 2011
champagne bars Paris
The Radisson Blu Hotel, Le Dokhan’s, Paris Trocadéro exudes true Parisian charm.  This boutique hotel has the modern amenities of a new property, while keeping its old world charm.  Plus the first ever Champagne Bar in the hotel alone is worth the visit.  A perfect hotel for our Taste of Paris ...

A Virtual Champagne Wine Region Tour

Tuesday, Dec 7th 2010
what is a full bodied wine
Many of our readers know from our blog post Champagne-Why I love this area, that we never tire of Champagne!  Bill focuses on non-vintage Champagne for this post, and allows the armchair traveler a tour of the Champagne Wine Region. A recent extensive tasting at Wide World of Wines in ...

Champagne Wine Tours- the Best Way to Demystify Styles and Vintages

Friday, May 28th 2010
champagne for new year's
It was a monk, Dom Perignon, who mastered the blending of wines (assemblage) that underlies modern Champagne. Equally important, he realized that the bottles used at the time were too fragile. They broke under the outer pressures of handling, and the inner effervescence of the wine. By ...

Discovering the Champagne Region

Tuesday, May 11th 2010
Louis Latour
If you have not yet visited the champagne region of France, 90 miles northeast of Paris, you have a great treat in store. The region of Reims, Epernay, Ay and Troyes is beautiful, easily accessible from Paris, and still not overrun by tourists. As a bonus, Reims Cathedral with its Marc Chagall ...

What does The Amazing Race have to do with Champagne?

Monday, Mar 22nd 2010
French Wine Explorers Reviews
While flipping through network TV tonight, I was happily surprised by a challenge on The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race is a competition where teams of two travel around the world and must complete challenges to get to the next leg, usually in a different region or country. As a consummate ...

Champagne France Region: How to Discover This Sparkling Area

Friday, Jan 2nd 2009
champagne france region
Champagne France Region: How to Discover This Sparkling Area We made a last minute decision to go to Champagne France Region for the holidays-secretly, for selfish reasons, as Pierre’s family was gathering in Soissons, close to Reims.  I couldn’t resist the urge to go, so we packed up our ...

Now is a great time for travel, time for a Champagne Sojourn

Friday, Dec 19th 2008
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I am not one for air travel (or any travel) during the holidays.  But I was inspired this year to bite the bullet, and go with the family to the Champagne region for the Christmas holidays. This may be one of the best times to travel to Europe.  The Euro is at a respectable level […]

Which Champagne for New Year's?

Friday, Dec 12th 2008
champagne for new year's
 Serving Champagne for New Year’s Eve New Year’s Eve is synonymous with champagne for most wine lovers. But many people have a hard time deciding what champagne to buy, and how to serve it to best advantage. Luckily, there is a champagne for every (well, most) budget, and a style to ...

Visiting the Champagne Region, Part 2: Grower Producer Champagnes

Friday, Nov 28th 2008
Louis Latour
There is another side to the Champagne region which offers a different experience and deserves equal attention from visitors who are truly passionate about champagne. This is the world of artisanally-produced grower champagne. While the large champagne houses buy the majority of the grapes they ...

Visiting Champagne France

Monday, Nov 24th 2008
Louis Latour
Champagne…the word itself conjures up images of effervescence, luxury and celebration! It’s the drink of choice for the most memorable moments in our lives…marriages, promotions, the passing into a new year. With this in mind, visiting Champagne France, for many, is like taking a pilgrimage to ...

Champagne With Chips! - Pairing Wine and Food

Monday, Nov 10th 2008
Natalie MacLean gives a fresh perspective on breaking the rules when pairing wine and food. You really can drink wine with just about anything, according to a new web site devoted to food and wine pairings. Zinfandel with your Tex-Mex? Not a problem. A little Chardonnay with your fried chicken ...
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