What Are the Best Tuscan Wine Pairings?

Monday, Sep 11th 2023
Tuscan wine
What Are the Best Tuscan Wine Pairings with Food? Tuscan cuisine is based on “cucina povera,” a rural style based on seasonal and natural ingredients. Olive oil, unsalted bread, wild mushrooms, vegetables, and salt-cured or grilled meats form the base of this cuisine. So what Italian wines pair ...

Montepulciano Italy: Where Some of the Best Wine is Made

Wednesday, Aug 2nd 2023
Montepulciano Italy
Italy offers some of the best wines in the world and is also perhaps the world’s most complex wine-producing country. In Italy, there are: 20 major regions, over 400 designated quality appellations (denominazione), and nearly 1,000 important wine grapes. Tuscany has more quality appellations ...

A Guide to the Most Iconic Italian Wine Regions

Wednesday, Aug 2nd 2023
Italian Wine Regions
Italy is a country rich with culture, delicious food, and–of course–delicious wine. From Tuscany to Piedmont, there is much to learn about the wines of the country. But where do you start? Here are our most popular posts all about famous Italian wine regions!   Italian Wine: Easy ...

Luxury French Wine Tours, Amazing Experiences, Great Wine

Sunday, Jun 16th 2019
luxury french wine tours
Luxury French Wine Tours, Amazing Experiences, Great Wine French Wine Explorers, America’s leader in luxury French wine tours, is expanding offerings with exciting wine tour packages for the 2020 season. These tours provide the ultimate experience for wine lovers. Programs feature luxury ...

New and Exciting Small Group Tours to France and Italy

Tuesday, May 1st 2018
small group tours to France
(For immediate release) St. Michaels, MD, May 5, 2018 New Small Group Tours to France and Italy for 2019! Leading luxury wine tour provider French Wine Explorers has released its 2019 dates for its small group tours to France and Italy. New for 2019 is a tour to Tuscany, featuring iconic Super ...

What Are the Best Italian Wines For Your Collection?

Saturday, Jan 27th 2018
best italian wines
The value of your wine cellar is now well established. You buy young wines, often at their best price and greatest availability. Your wine cellar features the wines that you like best, both as to vintage and region of origin. With both young and mature wines, you enjoy fine wines now, and in ...

Where Can You Find the Best Nebbiolo Wines of Italy?

Tuesday, Nov 28th 2017
Nebbiolo wines
Where Can You Find the Best Nebbiolo Wines of Italy? Nebbiolo wines of Barolo are among the finest in the world. Critics love their full-bodied texture and deep flavors. The Nebbiolo based red wines of Barbaresco are underappreciated gems. Generally softer and more approachable than Barolo, due ...

Expert Advice on How to Pair Piedmont Wine & Food

Tuesday, Nov 14th 2017
Piedmont wine
Expert Advice on How to Pair Piedmont Wine & Food Piedmont is one of Italy’s most iconic wine regions. It is notable for producing the powerful, age-worthy red wines, Barolo and Barbaresco—known as the “king and queen” of Piedmont wine. Both are made from the Nebbiolo grape. Though these ...

Barolo vs Barbaresco: How To Tell the Unique Differences

Thursday, Nov 2nd 2017
Barolo vs Barbaresco
Barolo vs Barbaresco: How to Tell the Difference Let’s examine the question: “Barolo vs Barbaresco, how do you tell them apart?” They are nearly identical twins from the Piedmont region, so it can be a challenge. The differences are subtle. Here are the top 5 differences ...

Are You Confused By Italian Wine Labels? Helpful Tips

Wednesday, Oct 25th 2017
Italian wine
Finding a wine you like can be confusing, no matter where in the world you live or shop. Most retail shops organize wine by country, but some use grape variety or style as the theme. Mastering Italian wine is a formidable task. There are about 2,000 different indigenous, traditional, and ...

What Makes a Super Tuscan? Uniqueness and Style

Tuesday, Sep 19th 2017
Super Tuscan
Using “super” as an adjective, as in super smart, is super common in everyday writing and conversation. There’s data to support this notion. Use started increasing in the 1930s. It took off in the 1970s and surged by 500% into commonplace status from 1994 to 2012.  The term Super Tuscan was way ...

Do You Know Montalcino? Italy's Fantastic & Famous Wine Region

Tuesday, Jul 18th 2017
Montalcino is one of six breathtaking medieval hill towns dotting the Tuscan horizon. The towers of their 13th-century fortezzas (fortresses) beckon visitors to explore some of Italy’s finest food, wine, and Renaissance architecture. Etruscan ruins from more than 1,200 years ago are a must-see ...

New Exclusive Italy Wine Tour Features The Best Italian Wines

Wednesday, Jun 21st 2017
Italy wine tour
New Italy Wine Tour featuring Tuscany and Piedmont Welcome to a spectacular new Italy wine tour curated by French Wine Explorers: Treasures of Tuscany and Piedmont. Award-winning French Wine Explorers is best known for prestigious tours to the major French wine regions. For several years, they ...

French Wine Explorers Introduces Small Group Italy Wine Tours

Wednesday, Apr 5th 2017
group italy wine tours
French Wine Explorers announces new small group Italy wine tours to compliment their award-winning wine programs in France. French Wine Explorers has been designing once-in-a-lifetime, luxury wine tours to France since 2000. They are now turning their expertise to small group Italy wine tours. ...
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