Complete List of French National Holidays

Pascale Bernasse | Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014
French national holidays

Have you ever booked a vacation in another country only to find out that most local businesses there were closed in observation of a holiday you didn’t know about?

When planning a wine tour in France you need to consider many factors: the time of year, for instance—some wineries close during the harvest—and in summer the French take month-long vacations, generally in August, so the streets in Paris may be empty and some businesses closed.

French national holidays are another thing to consider, as some stores and restaurants may be closed and citizens at home celebrating with family and friends.

Here is a list of French national holidays in 2015:

  • January 1st – New Year’s Day
  • April 3rd – Good Friday
  • April 5th – Easter
  • May 1st – Labor Day/May Day
  • May 8th – World War II Victory Day
  • May 14th – Ascension Day
  • May 24th – Whit Sunday
  • May 25th – Whit Monday
  • July 14th – Bastille Day
  • August 15th – Assumption of Mary
  • November 1st – All Saints Day
  • November 11th – Armistice Day
  • December 24th – Christmas Eve
  • December 25th – Christmas Day
  • December 26th – St. Stephen’s Day
  • December 31st – New Year’s Eve

Some holidays, like Good Friday, Easter, Whit Sunday, and Whit Monday vary from year to year so it is advisable to check the calendar each year when planning a trip to France.

Also, if a French holiday falls on a weekend, there is a good chance the Friday before or Monday after some wine estates will be closed, as well as some restaurants and businesses.

Do you avoid travel during a French national holiday or do you prefer to go and celebrate with the locals? Let us know below!

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