(Video) Wine Tour in France: When is the Best Time to Go

Pascale Bernasse | Tuesday, Apr 29th 2014

In this video we offer tips on the best time to take a wine tour in France. We consider the optimal times to access the best wine estates in France, scheduling around harvest in the fall, and other factors that may influence the best time for you to take a wine tour.

(Video Transcript)

The question I get asked at least once a day is: When is the best time to travel on a wine tour in France?

Let’s break it down to 3 goals:

If you want to have best access to estates– I’m going to recommend March-April or October-November. It’s just before the season starts and it’s just after the season ends so that and give you the best opportunities for estates that are available because there’s less demand.

Second if you want to see the vineyards at their peak then you may want to go at harvest time which is usually September or October. It’s a wonderful time here to see the colors changing and the grapes on the vines, and  if you’re lucky you’ll see an manual harvest as well in some areas.

Third if you want to pair your wine tour with another destination like Paris or Provence for example then you may want to go at a different time. For Paris I would recommend August because it’s very quiet that time of year, and for Provence, the lavender fields are at their peak in July so that that is the best time to see them in bloom.

No matter what, you need to plan your tour 9 to 12 months in advance.  This will give you the best opportunities for planning your wine tour in France. So there you have it thanks for watching and stay tuned for our  next Tuesday Tips in about a minute!

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