(Video) What to Wear Wine Tasting in France: 5 Insider Tips

Pascale Bernasse | Thursday, Feb 26th 2015

What to wear wine tasting in France is different than what you might wear the States. In this video, we give you tips on what to wear that are practical, comfortable, and stylish.

What to Wear Wine Tasting in France (Video Transcript)

Hi, this is Pascale Bernasse with French Wine Explorers, and this is your Tuesday Tip in About a Minute.

Almost every day I have a guest who calls and asks me what they should wear on a wine tour. Pierre and I have come up with workhorse outfits that allow us to know exactly what we’re going to pack, and not have to worry that we haven’t packed the right outfits.

Here are some tips for what you should wear on your next wine tour.

For men and women there are a few things that you want to keep in mind that are relevant for both. And first are comfortable shoes. Very often you’ll be going up and down stairs and even doing wine tastings standing in the cellars, so you want to make sure that you have comfortable shoes that are still fashionable.

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Next, layers. The cellars are 54 degrees, so if it’s 80 degrees outside, it will start to feel quite chilly after a few minutes. So you want to bring light sweaters to the tastings so that if you feel chilly, you’ll have something to put on.

Third is an all-weather jacket. Even though you’ll be traveling during one season, you may experience three seasons in one day. So an all-weather jacket is gong to allow you to be protected against the wind, the rain, and the cold.

Now let’s get to the specifics. For men I recommend khakis or dark rinse jeans, and an oxford or a polo, and—if it’s warm enough—shorts are perfectly acceptable.

For the ladies I recommend something very similar. Dark pants or dark rinse jeans with a nice top, and—if it’s warm enough—you may consider a dress or a skirt, but I’d probably leave the shorts at home.

And that’s it! That’s your Tuesday Tip in About a Minute.

If you have any suggestions or questions about what to wear on a wine tour, please comment below and stay tuned for our next Tuesday Tip in About a Minute.

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