15 Easy French Phrases to Learn Now!

Pascale Bernasse | Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2016
easy french phrases

Learn French Now: 15 Easy French Phrases

If you are planning a trip to France, try learning some easy French phrases before you go. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “No man should travel until he has learned the language of the country he visits.”

Indeed, to understand another person’s culture, it is helpful to understand their language. The French appreciate when visitors try to communicate in French as much as possible. For those planning a trip to Paris, Bordeaux, Burgundy, or beyond, here are 15 easy French phrases and terms that will help you get by and demonstrate to the locals you appreciate their language and culture.

  1. Bonjour: pronounced boh(n)-zhoor – means “Hello”
  2. Au revoir: pronounced oh ruh-VWAHR – translates to “Good-bye”
  3. Merci: pronounced merr-SEE – means “Thank you”
  4. Pardon: pronounced pahr-DON – means “Excuse-me”
  5. S’il vous plait: pronounced seel voo PLEH – translates to “Please”
  6. Je voudrais: pronounced zhuh voo-DREH- means “I would like” (use along with ‘Please’)
  7. Où sont les toilettes?: pronounced OOH sohn leh twah-LET? means “Where are the restrooms?” (also use with ‘Please’)

For those planning a wine tour in France, here are helpful easy French phrases and words to get the most out of your tastings.

  1. Vin: pronounced va – means “Wine”
  2. Rouge: pronounced roozh – translates to “Red”
  3. Blanc: pronounce blah – means “White”
  4. Rosé: pronounced roh-zay – translates to “Rosé”
  5. Verre: pronounced vehr – means “Glass”
  6. Bouteille: pronounced boo-tay – translates to “Bottle”
  7. Dégustation: pronounced day-gew-stah-syoh – means “Tasting”
  8. À votre santé: pronounced ah vo-tre Sahn-tay – literally means “To your good health”

When you learn as much of as you can before your next trip to France, you’ll it is easier to navigate among the people and places you’ll encounter.  It will hopefully inspire you to learn more of what is often referred to as the language of love.

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