What are the Best Wine and Comfort Food Pairings?

Saturday, Feb 11th 2017
comfort food pairings
The Best French Wine and Comfort Food Pairings With Menus Most of us have favorite recipes we gravitate to during the chilly months of winter. Here are three examples of recipes for wine and comfort food pairings for cold weather dining. Remember, just because the dinner is modest, doesn’t mean ...

Pascale Bernasse of French Wine Explorers Named Top Travel Specialist for 2016

Wednesday, Dec 28th 2016
pascale bernasse
Pascale Bernasse, President of French Wine Explorers, named Top Travel Specialist for wine tours in France by Condé Nast Traveler magazine for the fifth year in a row. Pascale Bernasse, President of French Wine Explorers, is honored with an enviable spot on the 2016 Condé Nast Top Travel ...

Cote de Beaune Wines: The Best Burgundy Wines for a Fall Picnic

Tuesday, Oct 4th 2016
Cote de Beaune wines
Cote de Beaune Wines: Perfect for a Fall Picnic Summer is virtually a memory. Although not entirely a pleasant one for those who have experienced record heat. But after Labor Day, we look forward to–and have been enjoying–more temperate weather. And wines with more heft than we ...

How to Buy French Wine Online and Purchase Like a Pro

Tuesday, Sep 13th 2016
buy French wine online
Five Insider Tips on How to Buy French Wine Online In this video we offer our top tips for how to buy French wine online. This blog post is sponsored by our partner friends at Millesima USA in New York–one of the largest and most reputable online wine retailers. Visit them at ...

Luxury Wine Tour Company French Wine Explorers Unveils Newly Designed Website

Tuesday, Feb 9th 2016
luxury wine tour
Luxury Wine Tour Company French Wine Explorers Unveils Newly Designed Website (For immediate release) St. Michaels, Maryland (PRWEB) January 21, 2016. Luxury wine tour company French Wine Explorers begins 2016 with a newly designed website that will enhance viewers’ experiences, and truly ...

French Wine Explorers Releases New 2016 France Wine Tour Schedule

Saturday, Aug 22nd 2015
bordeaux wine tours
French Wine Explorers, America’s leading luxury French wine tour company, is once again offering exciting France wine tour packages in 2016. The tours include the ultimate in luxury accommodations, meals at Michelin-starred restaurants and private chateaux, and feature France’s most exclusive ...

Nuits-Saint-Georges Wine: What to Try & Buy

Tuesday, May 5th 2015
Nuits-Saint-Georges Wine
Discover Nuits-Saint-Georges Wine Following the Vosne-Romanee region to the south, the Nuits-Saint-Georges portion of Burgundy is the last region of the Côte de Nuits, for which it provides the name. It is not a large region, barely 750 acres, and of that total, some 360 acres are in production ...

Bordeaux Wines or Burgundy: An Insider's View

Tuesday, Mar 17th 2015
Bordeaux Wines
Bordeaux wines and wines from the Burgundy region give those who enjoy great wines good reason to travel to France—to savor wines from two of the greatest wine producing regions of the world. Each has its partisans, but many wine lovers enjoy them equally, while bearing in mind that they are ...

French Wine Explorers Celebrates its 15th Year Planning Wine Tours in France

Monday, Jan 19th 2015
French Wine Explorers
(Press Release from PRWeb) Luxury wine and culinary tour company, French Wine Explorers is set to celebrate its fifteenth year crafting one-of-a-kind trips to France and Italy. “We’re excited about celebrating our fifteenth anniversary,” says Pascale Bernasse, President of French Wine ...

Dining in France: 5 Helpful Tips For the Best Experience

Saturday, Dec 6th 2014
dining in france
You may think that dining in France is much like eating out in any country. Walk into a restaurant, ask for a menu, order, eat, pay, leave. And yet if you’re used to American restaurants, there are a few things about the French system that might strike you as odd. Never fear; with this ...

(Video) French Wine Terms for Each Wine Region

Sunday, Nov 2nd 2014
Pronounce French Wine Terms
French Wine Terms: How to Pronounce Common Terms for Each Wine Region Do you ever find yourself struggling to pronounce certain French words, while at dinner or traveling? In this video we show you how to pronounce French wine terms like a pro, so you’ll never be shy about ordering that ...

French Wine Pairing With Seafood

Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014
pairing French wine
Pairing French Wine With Seafood When pairing French wine with seafood, let’s look at the rules, and then let’s break them.  Normally you serve white wines with seafood or poultry, and red wines with beef and other red meats. But fish varies in flavor. Some are light and others are ...

French Wines for Your Barbeque

Tuesday, Jun 10th 2014
wine tour in provence
With warm weather now here, the barbeque season has begun. It’s also time to enhance your dining pleasure with some tasty French wines. This is not the season for complex, layered wines. Now you want flavorful, fruity wines that complement the dinners you are preparing outside on the barbeque. ...

Burgundy Wine: Glorious Chambertin

Monday, May 12th 2014
Burgundy Wine
This week a notice appeared from Sotheby’s for fine quality Burgundy wine including Chambertin, announcing the availability for both the 2009 and 2010 vintages. These are said to be excellent vintages, the 2009 at this point showing fine fruit while the 2010, as might be expected in such a ...

Guide to Burgundy: The Essentials

Tuesday, Apr 8th 2014
guide to burgundy
Here is our essential guide to Burgundy with useful articles, videos, and guidelines for wine touring through the region and sampling its wine. The Burgundy region is perhaps best known as one of France’s main wine producing regions. It is often noted as one of the most terroir conscious ...

(Video) Burgundy Wine Tours with French Wine Explorers

Tuesday, Mar 18th 2014
Burgundy wine tours with French Wine Explorers
Discover our Burgundy wine tours and discover the renown wine, food and heritage of the region. Also, tips for the best time of year to travel for Burgundy wine tours. (Transcript) On one of our first visits to Burgundy, we were meeting with a hotel manager who was kind enough to offer us a ...