Top Provence Markets for an Authentic Experience

Wednesday, Feb 3rd 2016
provence markets
Provence markets are numerous and diverse. They range from a few stands of local producers to those offering a wide choice of everything. It can feel difficult to choose where to go! So follow your mood for a rustic or city venue, inland or coastal. The different atmospheres will change the ...

French Wine Explorers Releases New 2016 France Wine Tour Schedule

Saturday, Aug 22nd 2015
bordeaux wine tours
French Wine Explorers, America’s leading luxury French wine tour company, is once again offering exciting France wine tour packages in 2016. The tours include the ultimate in luxury accommodations, meals at Michelin-starred restaurants and private chateaux, and feature France’s most exclusive ...

Chateauneuf-du-Pape Wines: The Secret is the Blend

Tuesday, Aug 4th 2015
chateauneuf-du-pape wines
Chateauneuf-du-Pape Wines Why do I love Chateauneuf-du-Pape Wines? The first French wine I ever ordered with dinner was at a small French restaurant in New York. I was spending a short fall vacation with a fraternity brother, seeing as many Broadway shows as we could afford. The restaurant was ...

Welcome to Lyon France: Spend 72 Hours Soaking It In

Thursday, Feb 19th 2015
lyon france
Lyon France Welcome to Lyon France! This lovely city is centrally located between Paris and Marseilles and is the gastronomic capitol of France. It’s combination of history—it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site—and commerce make it a unique and thriving metropolis in France. As an added benefit ...

French Wine Explorers Celebrates its 15th Year Planning Wine Tours in France

Monday, Jan 19th 2015
French Wine Explorers
(Press Release from PRWeb) Luxury wine and culinary tour company, French Wine Explorers is set to celebrate its fifteenth year crafting one-of-a-kind trips to France and Italy. “We’re excited about celebrating our fifteenth anniversary,” says Pascale Bernasse, President of French Wine ...

Dining in France: 5 Helpful Tips For the Best Experience

Saturday, Dec 6th 2014
dining in france
You may think that dining in France is much like eating out in any country. Walk into a restaurant, ask for a menu, order, eat, pay, leave. And yet if you’re used to American restaurants, there are a few things about the French system that might strike you as odd. Never fear; with this ...

(Video) French Wine Terms for Each Wine Region

Sunday, Nov 2nd 2014
Pronounce French Wine Terms
French Wine Terms: How to Pronounce Common Terms for Each Wine Region Do you ever find yourself struggling to pronounce certain French words, while at dinner or traveling? In this video we show you how to pronounce French wine terms like a pro, so you’ll never be shy about ordering that ...

French Wines for Your Barbeque

Tuesday, Jun 10th 2014
wine tour in provence
With warm weather now here, the barbeque season has begun. It’s also time to enhance your dining pleasure with some tasty French wines. This is not the season for complex, layered wines. Now you want flavorful, fruity wines that complement the dinners you are preparing outside on the barbeque. ...

(Video) Provence Wine Tours with French Wine Explorers

Sunday, Mar 9th 2014
Provence tours with French Wine Explorers
Watch our Provence tour video and discover the wonders of iconic Provence, including sites and wine regions, the best places to visit, and best time to travel when planning your next Provence Tour. (Transcript) Sunshine, great food, and a delightful variety of fine wines are all yours to enjoy ...

French Wines With Game: How to Plan the Perfect Meal

Friday, Nov 1st 2013
french wines with game
How to Pair French Wines With Game French wines with game dinners are a memorable treat. The flavors of venison, wild duck, or boar, pose a special challenge for appropriate French wines to serve. These rich flavors seem to need a rich wine, and the use of sauces expands the taste ...

French Wine: Old World Varietals Found in the New World

Friday, Jun 28th 2013
French Wine Tours
When we think of French wine varietals, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, grape varieties from Burgundy, and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, from Bordeaux, have flourished in other parts of the world, notably in California and Oregon. But I was intrigued to discover grape varieties that are less well ...

The Southern Rhone: Undiscovered Wine Treasures and Values

Tuesday, Jun 11th 2013
southern rhone
The Southern Rhône region begins some 45 miles south of the Northern Rhône, and its soils are less severe, producing more expansive wines. Here the stars are Chàteauneuf-du-Pape (CDP), Côtes du Rhône, and Gigondas. Don’t skip the inexpensive Côtes du Rhône offerings of your retailer. ...

French Wine: The Northern Rhone Valley-the Rhone Less Traveled

Wednesday, Jun 5th 2013
french wine
The Rhône Valley of France has two wine regions, distinct in the structure and taste of the wines produced. Terroir accounts for some of that difference, for the wines of the Northern Rhône are grown on narrow strips of land set precariously on sharply descending slopes. These wines are complex ...

Provence Wines: Organic and Biodynamic Options are Trending

Tuesday, May 21st 2013
Provence tours with French Wine Explorers
The movement towards growing grapes by organic or biodynamic methods is slowly growing in France, and there are now notable examples in Provence. These wines are still single digit in terms of overall production. However, some world famous producers, including the Domaine de la Romanée Conti ...

Provence Wine Tours: Discover the Rosé Wines of Provence

Thursday, May 16th 2013
rosé wines
Provence Wine Tours: Discover the Rosé Wines of Provence Provence wine tours allow you to discover a region with beautiful scenery and many touristic delights. It is also one of France’s leading wine regions, and in the production of rosé wines, Provence is a superpower! Over 80% of the area’s ...

Top 10 Experiences in Provence

Monday, Apr 26th 2010
Experiences in Provence
The Rhone Valley and Provence have some of the most beautiful vineyards in France. Vines cover the landscape as far as the eye can see in most places, punctuated by olive groves and lavender fields. You’ll find an incredibly rich variety of fascinating sites to discover while enjoying the ...