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French Wine Explorers Releases New 2016 France Wine Tour Schedule

Pascale Bernasse | Saturday, Aug 22nd 2015
bordeaux wine tours
French Wine Explorers, America’s leading luxury French wine tour company, is once again offering exciting France wine tour packages in 2016. The tours include the ultimate in luxury accommodations, meals at Michelin-starred restaurants and private chateaux, and feature France’s most exclusive and prestigious wine estates. The 2016 ...

Eating in Paris: An Essential Guide

Pascale Bernasse | Saturday, May 2nd 2015
Eating in Paris is a delight for foodies and the casual diner, alike and is well known as one of the world’s top gastronomical destinations. From bistros to Michelin star dining, the City of Light is a foodie’s paradise. Here is our essential guide to Paris’ cuisine with recommendations for everything from the best places […]

Bordeaux Tours: Top 5 Least Favorable Time to Visit

Pascale Bernasse | Tuesday, Apr 28th 2015
French Wine Explorers teamed up with Nick Stephens of Bordeaux Undiscovered to bring you the Top 5 Least Desirable Times to Travel for Bordeaux tours. Bordeaux Tours: Top 5 Least Favorable Times to Visit Bordeaux was recently awarded Best European Destination 2015, and for good reason. Its lively riverfront is bustling with chic ...

The Louvre Museum: Eat & Drink Nearby Avoiding Tourist Traps

Emily Monaco | Tuesday, Apr 21st 2015
louvre museum
Ask any local, and they’ll tell you that the best advice for eating near the most popular Parisian landmarks is not to: after all, restaurateurs know that tourists are going to come down from the Eiffel Tower or out of the Louvre Museum starving, and they tend to take advantage of our tired legs and […]

Video Wine Tours France: What Not to Do at Wine Tastings

Pascale Bernasse | Thursday, Apr 9th 2015
video wine tours france
Video Wine Tours France: Watch our latest video on wine tours in France! People often ask what to do and what not to do while on wine tours in France. Here are our top 5 things not to do during a wine tasting in France. Video Transcript: Hi, this is Pascale Bernasse with French Wine […]
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