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Paris Ice Cream: 3 Best Authentic Ways to Cool Your Palate

Emily Monaco | Tuesday, Jul 19th 2016
Paris Ice Cream
Paris Ice Cream: Where to Cool Down When the Heat is Up Paris is best known for its pastries. But in the summer months, Paris ice cream is king. Here are our three favorite places to find the best Paris ice cream or une créme glacèe. But first… a bit of vocab, with pronunciation guide. Here […]

Buying a Vineyard in Provence: Turning Dreams to True Bliss

Elizabeth Gabay | Sunday, Jun 26th 2016
buying a vineyard in provence
Buying a Vineyard in Provence: Outsiders Turning Their Dreams into Reality How many of us dream of buying a vineyard in Provence? Do you dream of olive groves and vines, a grand chateau, and bottles of your own Provence wine and olive oil? Many outsiders—art dealers, industrialists, law professors, politicians—have been bewitched by ...

Sancerre Wine: The Best Whites to Drink Now!

William S. Shepard, Wine Editor | Tuesday, Jun 14th 2016
Sancerre Wine
Sancerre Wine: The Best Whites to Drink Now! Here is a problem for the wine lover. We were celebrating a birthday dinner at a fine local restaurant, and fresh caught Chesapeake Bay rockfish (striped bass) was that evening’s special dish. The wine menu was passed to me, and I found that the selection of familiar […]

Paris Souvenirs: Authentic Treasures You Need, Trash You Don't

Emily Monaco | Wednesday, May 25th 2016
Paris souvenirs
While in Paris, you will at one time feel the urge to spring for Paris souvenirs for you or for the folks you left back home. But while Paris’ offers a wide range of trinkets, not everything is worthwhile. Here are some of our insider secrets to the best Paris souvenirs. Top 5 Paris Souvenirs While you’re […]

Pouilly-Fumé: Affordable White Wines to Try Now

William S. Shepard, Wine Editor | Saturday, May 14th 2016
Pouilly-Fumé Wines
Pouilly-Fumé White Wines (Not to Confuse With Pouilly-Fuissé)! Pouilly-Fumé and Pouilly-Fuissé may sound similar, but they are not! Last month’s excursion was to the land of Muscadet wine, where the Loire meets the Atlantic Ocean. Let’s continue the wine tour at the Upper Loire, where Sauvignon Blanc grapes predominate. ...
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