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What Are the Best Tuscan Wine and Food Pairings?

Kathy Merchant | Tuesday, Nov 21st 2017
Tuscan wine
What Are the Best Tuscan Wine and Food Pairings? Tuscan cuisine is based on “cucina povera,” a rural – even rustic – style based on seasonal and natural ingredients including olive oil, unsalted bread, wild mushrooms, vegetables, and either salt-cured or simply grilled meats. So what wines do you pair with this rustic cuisine? You ...

Barbaresco vs Barolo: How To Tell the Difference

Kathy Merchant | Thursday, Nov 2nd 2017
Barbaresco vs Barolo
Barbaresco vs Barolo: How to Tell the Difference Let’s examine the question: “Barbaresco vs Barolo, how do you tell them apart?” They are nearly identical twins from the Piedmont region, so it can be a challenge. The differences are subtle. Let’s look first at their similarities. They are both: made 100% from ...

Are You Confused By Italian Wine Labels? Helpful Professional Tips

Kathy Merchant | Wednesday, Oct 25th 2017
Italian wine
How to Read Italian Wine Labels Trying to find a wine you like can be confusing, no matter where in the world you live or shop. Most retail shops organize wine by country, but some use grape variety or style as the theme. Mastering the scope of Italian wine is a formidable task. There are […]

Where Can You Find the Best Paris Pastries?

Emily Monaco | Tuesday, Oct 3rd 2017
Paris pastries
Where Can You Find the Best Paris Pastries? The world of Paris pastries used to be somewhat simple. In every pastry shop window, you had your choux pastry-based éclairs and religieuses. You also had your stacked millefeuilles (also known as Napoleons), and a variety of fruit tarts glazed with apricot jam to make them shiny and […]

Northern Rhone Wines That Will Make You Happy

William S. Shepard, Wine Editor | Tuesday, Sep 26th 2017
Northern Rhone
Northern Rhone Wines That Will Make You Happy I’ve noted to students in my wine tasting courses, many wine regions have produced finer wines over recent years; thus, transforming what is available on the market. That particularly holds true in France. Quality conscious producers are making better wines in many regions. This allows ...
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