Easy Tips for Getting to French Wine Regions

French Wine Explorers | Wednesday, Mar 16th 2022
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So you’re in Paris and you are thinking about heading out to wine country for some tastings or perhaps a tour of a chateau. How do you get to the major French wine regions? Many French wine regions do not have direct flights from the USA or other countries. So there is a good chance you may need to connect in Paris.

Here are some tips if you’re connecting from Paris to French wine country:

  • First, you need 3 hours between connecting flights at Charles de Gaulle Airport .
  • Next, most transatlantic flights touch down before hotel check-in times. Tip: to avoid waiting for a room jet-lagged and cranky, book a spa treatment for your arrival. Then you check in once finished, feeling relaxed and revitalized.

To get to specific French wine regions:

  • Bordeaux: Connect through Paris on your travel day (1 hour flight). Or take the high speed train (about 2-3 hours) from Paris or Paris CDG airport
  • Burgundy: 1.5 hours by train (either Beaune or Dijon stations) OR fly into Geneva, it’s a 2-hour car ride. It’s about a 3.5-hour car ride from Paris CDG. Driver services can be arranged with your hotel. Another option is to arrive in Lyon, which is about 1.5 hours by car to Beaune.
  • Rhone Valley, Avignon: Connect through Paris to Marseilles on your travel day (1 hour flight-then 45 minute drive to Avignon). Or take the high speed train (about 3 hours) from Paris or Paris CDG airport
  • Loire Valley: one hour by high-speed train from Paris, arriving at the St. Pierre des Corps station. For Nantes, connecting flights from Paris CDG are available.
  • Finally, there are trains from Paris and from the Paris CDG Airport.
    • We highly recommend traveling First Class (noted as Comfort Class on Rail Europe).
    • Check with Rail Europe for schedules and fares.
    • But remember many train schedules are released only 60 days in advance when booking your train ticket.
    • Consider traveling first class. In the end, this is more comfortable for seating, and the additional cost is worth it.
  • Train times, air schedules subject to change, so contact us for the most up-to-date information.

Three tips for flying internationally:

  • Plan for success. 
    • Sign up for Global Entry (for US residents).
    • Global Entry allows you to bypass all the lines in customs and passport control when re-entering the United States, just go through a kiosk. That has saved us an incredible amount of time and after a long international flight, it’s welcome.
  • Travel with only a carry-on.
    • Now I know what you’re thinking; that’s impossible. It is not impossible. I have an entire video dedicated on how to travel with a carry on. And I’ve been doing it for over 20 years!
  • The third thing we recommend is a VIP meet and greet at the airport.
    • In your arrival country, somebody meets you as you exit airplane, whisks you off to expedited passport and customs control and helps you with your luggage.
    • After a long transatlantic flight, it is a necessity to have someone take you away and not have to worry about waiting in a line that could take you two hours to get through passport control.

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