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An Essential Guide to the Best Drinks in Paris

Pascale Bernasse | Friday, Mar 10th 2017
drinks in Paris
An Essential Guide to the Best Drinks in Paris So often when we travel we try to find the off-the-beaten-path spots.  We want to find where the locals go so we can truly taste–and drink–the flavor of the locale we are visiting. Over the past few years, we have explored Paris to find out exactly […]

What are the Best Wine and Comfort Food Pairings?

William S. Shepard, Wine Editor | Saturday, Feb 11th 2017
comfort food pairings
The Best French Wine and Comfort Food Pairings With Menus Most of us have favorite recipes we gravitate to during the chilly months of winter. Here are three examples of recipes for wine and comfort food pairings for cold weather dining. Remember, just because the dinner is modest, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a […]

New Year's Brunch Pairings: The Best Food & Wine Menu

William S. Shepard, Wine Editor | Thursday, Dec 15th 2016
New Year's Brunch pairings
Note: This article on New Year’s Brunch pairings is the 100th blog post written by our Wine Editor, William Shepard. William Shepard has lived extensively in France and speaks French fluently. He taught at the Lycée Jean Giraudoux, Châteauroux (Indre-where Pierre Bernasse is from!) in his youth. He went on to become a diplomat, ...

(Video) How to Buy French Wine Online and Purchase Like a Pro

Pascale Bernasse | Tuesday, Sep 13th 2016
buy French wine online
Five Insider Tips on How to Buy French Wine Online In this video we offer our top tips for how to buy French wine online. This blog post is sponsored by our partner friends at Millesima USA in New York–one of the largest and most reputable online wine retailers. Visit them at (Transcript: How […]

Buying a Vineyard in Provence: Turning Dreams to True Bliss

Elizabeth Gabay | Sunday, Jun 26th 2016
buying a vineyard in provence
Buying a Vineyard in Provence: Outsiders Turning Their Dreams into Reality How many of us dream of buying a vineyard in Provence? Do you dream of olive groves and vines, a grand chateau, and bottles of your own Provence wine and olive oil? Many outsiders—art dealers, industrialists, law professors, politicians—have been bewitched by ...
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