Travel Insurance Cancel For Any Reason: What You Need To Know

Monday, Feb 22nd 2021
travel insurance cancel for any reason
Transcript: Travel Insurance, Cancel for Any Reason Waiver: Okay so you want to plan a trip but you’re really concerned about the uncertainty of travel right now and in the future. So what do you do? Well first of all know that 46% of Americans plan on traveling soon by the end of this ...

Pascale Bernasse Celebrates 20 Years in the Travel Industry

Tuesday, Jan 21st 2020
bernasse travel
Pascale Bernasse Celebrates 20 Years in the Travel Industry Twenty years ago, Pascale Bernasse fulfilled a lifelong dream and began a career in the travel industry. Today, that dream remains a reality for her as the co-owner and President of French Wine Explorers.  Bernasse started working in ...

Your Easy Guide to the Best French Fall Wines

Wednesday, Nov 13th 2019
French fall wines
Easy Guide to French Fall Wines Fall is a time when the grapes in France hang heavy on the vine, surrounded by leaves of ochre and crimson, anticipating the harvest. It is also the perfect time to enjoy some more full-bodied wines after the lighter wines of summer. Here are some recommended ...

Provence France: Everything You Need To Know

Tuesday, Aug 21st 2018
Provence France
Everything You Need To Know About Provence France Provence boasts some of the most beautiful vineyards in France along with sun-drenched beaches and delicious cuisine. It has something for everyone and is a wine lover’s paradise. Here are a few informative articles about Provence France, ...

Welcome to Bordeaux: Your Essential Guide

Thursday, Jul 11th 2013
Welcome to Bordeaux
Welcome to Bordeaux: Your Essential Guide Welcome to Bordeaux! Below you will find more information about Bordeaux, divided by subject for easy access. Bordeaux is a tremendously diverse region that produces many different types of wine, from dry whites to dessert whites, red, rosé and clairet, ...
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