Why 2011 is a great year to plan a wine tour in France

Pascale Bernasse | Friday, Jan 7th 2011

We are embarking on a new year and a new decade, a perfect time to reflect and uncover what is important and what inspires us.

This is your year to travel and take a part of your journey back with you. This is the year to learn, expand horizons, be surprised and feel fulfilled. Our wine tours in France can deliver all of that and more, whether a novice or connoisseur, or somewhere in between.

Here are 10 reasons to make 2011 the year for you, and for a wine tour in France:
1. Make this the year to discover a sense of place. Wine touring in France is a doorway to the unique history, culture and joie de vivrethe French are known for.  

2. A good friend of ours often quotes an Italian proverb  “Over a glass of wine, a friend is made”, a wine tour  to France leads to new friendships and unexpected collaborations that can last a lifetime. Here’s a great photo of new friends on our Bordeaux Harvest Tour.

3. Wine tastes better if it comes with a story, such as meeting the wine maker or owner who has conveyed his passion for the craft of winemaking. Read one of our guest’s story via our Bordeaux Prestige tour.

4. You will make better choices in purchasing wine after your tour, you’ll be able to understand a good value when making buying decisions and ordering in restaurants. An example is highlighted in our blog on Second Wines of Bordeaux.

5. Quench your thirst for exploration and expand your horizons. This trend is here to stay and no better way to do so than a wine tour.  Read how to learn more during your wine tour here.

6. Ash clouds and strikes, not to fear. The chances of a volcano erupting in Europe are more slim in 2011 and pension reform in France has passed, so a major strike that would affect travel in France is less likely (although not impossible!)  Just in case, read how to protect your travel investmenthere.

7. Be inspired-inspire others.  We want to share our passion for wine and travel with you. We love planning wine tours in France, and those you meet on your tour are ambassadors to the region and impart an infectious love for its wines. Bring home that enthusiasm and inspire others.  See client testimonials as examples here.

8. 2011 is the year of value: more than ever there is a new emphasis on quality, not quantity.  Luxury is more than thread counts, hotel stars, and wine scores.  It’s about how YOU perceive luxury, in terms of your time, goals and budget.  Choosing a travel provider who understands this concept is much easier-finding them is the hard part.  See why our tours provide value and how leading media agree here.

9. You can’t take it with you: many have been in a holding mode for a while, hoping their 401K’s, home values and retirement accounts will recoup to pre-bubble status.  And for some recovery is already a reality. A vacation may be the best thing while waiting.  And you can’t take it with you so you might as well enjoy yourself, it’s been a long wait!  Ever thought about buying Bordeaux Futures as an investment?  Read how to here.

10. Choices:  There are now more choices than ever in France for wine touring, giving you more opportunities to discover and explore with experiences that are authentic.  Here are the top 5 tips for choosing a wine tour.

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