Bastille Day: Best Ways to Celebrate in Paris

Emily Monaco | Thursday, Jul 6th 2017
Bastille Day

Bastille Day: Best Ways to Celebrate Like a Local

When it comes to Bastille Day in Paris, real estate is an important consideration. You’ll find something to do pretty much anywhere you go in the city. But some places are far more exciting and enticing than others. Here are three of our absolute favorite places to celebrate Bastille Day in Paris.

1. A Firemen’s Ball

There are several different firemen’s balls in Paris. These balls have a great ambiance and allow you to dance and party with the locals, all for a very low price. In fact, most of these balls are thrown on a donation-only basis. So get a few Euros ready and prepare your dancing shoes for a night of fun.
Here’s a list of the balls taking place in Paris on the night of 13 to 14 July, 2017 (from 9pm to 4am):


  • Rousseau Station, 21 rue du Jour, 1st Arr. Metro Les Halles
  • Sevigne Station, 7-9 rue de Sevigne, 4th Arr. Metro Saint-Paul
  • CCL5 Station, 47-59 rue Monge, 5th Arr. Metro Place Monge
  • Colombier Station, 11 rue du Vieux Colombier, 6th Arr. Metro Saint-Sulpice
  • Blanche Station, 28 rue Blanche, 9th Arr. Metro Trinite d’Estienne d’Orves
  • Chaligny Station, 26 rue de Chaligny, 12th Arr. Metro Reuilly Diderot
  • Port-Royal Station, 53-55 boulevard Port-Royal, 13th Arr. Metro Les Gobelins
  • Grenelle Station, 6 place Violet, 15th Arr. Metro Commerce
  • Boursault Station, 27 rue Boursault, 17th Arr. Metro Rome
  • Montmartre Station, 12 rue Carpeaux, 18th Arr. Metro Guy Moquet
  • Bitche Station, 2 place de Bitche, 19th Arr. Metro Crimee
  • Menilmontant Station, 47 rue Saint-Fargeau, 20th Arr. Metro Pelleport

2. The Champs Elysées Military Parade

For something a bit more solemn, the military parade along the Champs Elysées is an excellent option.  (It’s also the first official stop of the French President.)
Grab a spot along the famous avenue (get there by 8 if you want to be able to see!), and wait for the parade to begin at 10am at the Arc de Triomphe. The parade will continue through noon, just in time to grab lunch before continuing the Bastille Day festivities.

3. The Fireworks Display at the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower fireworks display is a must-see to end your Bastille Day celebration. Starting at 11pm on the 14th, the fireworks display will be visible for just over a half hour. But while many opt for the Champ de Mars, we suggest the steps of the Palais Chaillot.
Be sure to get there early to grab a seat. Consider having a picnic dinner on the steps at around 6 or 7 so that you have the ideal viewing location. And you won’t be bored — a concert begins at 9pm before the fireworks show starts.
If you can’t bear the thought of sitting still for so long, you’ll be able to see the fireworks anywhere in the city that you can see the top of the Eiffel Tower. Restaurants with a view and bridges throughout the city are all popular places to watch from.

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