Video Wine Tours France: What Not to Do at Wine Tastings

Pascale Bernasse | Thursday, Apr 9th 2015

Video Wine Tours France: Watch our latest video on wine tours in France! People often ask what to do and what not to do while on wine tours in France. Here are our top 5 things not to do during a wine tasting in France.

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Pascale Bernasse with French Wine Explorers, and this is your Tuesday Tip in About a Minute.

Guests often ask us what to do on a wine tour and we’ve gone over some tips in our latest video on wine tasting etiquette which you can find on our YouTube channel. Now let’s delve into what not to do on a wine tasting. Here are our top five tips on what not to do on a wine tour in France.

Video Wine Tours France:

Top 5 Things Not to Do On During a Wine Tasting in France

  • First, please don’t wear strong perfume. This will be a distraction during he wine tastings, so keep that in mind when getting ready for the day.
  • Second, don’t finish a glass if you don’t want to. You’ll have plenty of tastings during the day, so if you don’t feel like finishing your glass it will not be considered rude. And you can even spit if you would like, and if you don’t know how to spit just follow your guide to know when and where to spit.
  • Third, please do not serve yourself, meaning please do not grab the bottle of wine for seconds. Although you may fall in love with this wine that you’ve just tasted, it’s best to wait for your estate representative to pour you a second glass of wine.
  • Fourth, this may sound ridiculous, but please do not walk away from the wine tasting. There will be some tastings that you find more interesting than others, but it is considered rude to walk away from a tasting, so please stay with the process.
  • And fifth, please do not press for more wine if you ask and have gotten a no. Remember some of the wine that you’re tasting is in very limited quantity and also very, very pricey, so please respect the answer no matter what it is. However, if you’re with an estate owner rather than an estate representative, you may press a little bit to get a yes, but not too much.

And that’s it. That’s your Tuesday Tip in About a Minute. If you have any questions, please ask them below in the comments section on what not to do on a wine tour in France and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned for our next Tuesday Tip in About a Minute.

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