(Video) 7 Best Travel Apps For Traveling to France

Pascale Bernasse | Thursday, Dec 18th 2014

In this video we discuss the best travel apps to use while on tour in France and elsewhere. We have selected some helpful wine apps, as well, for those planning a wine tour.

7 Best Travel Apps (Transcript)

Have you ever wanted to travel with a personal assistant to keep you organized while you’re away? Well you probably already have one, in the form of your smart phone. Today we’re going to go over the top seven apps that you should have on your next trip.

  • The first app that I absolutely cannot live without is Tripit. Tripit allows you to organize all of your travel plans in one section of your smart phone. All you need to do is forward all your confirmations to a certain email, and all of the details of your trip will be organized on your Tripit app.
  • The next app that I really, really cannot live without is Seat Guru. Some of you may know that I am definitely a stickler for where I want to sit on the airplane and this will allow me to know exactly which seats are the best. It’s color-coded: green is good, yellow is maybe, and red is definitely no. And that will allow you to see, on your specific flight, on that specific day, what the airplane is, and it will allow you to get the best seats that are available.
  • Next is the airline app. All airlines have an app and they’re pretty good, and I recommend them because you’ll have all the information on your flight in one certain area. Such as: reminders for when to check in, if you’re flight is delayed, or if there’s a gate change. And often you have that information before you even leave so that you can act accordingly.
  • Another app that I really think is essential is the Weather Chanel App or really any weather app that you can find that you prefer. This is going to give you the forecast, so it will allow you to know what to pack, and it’s also going to give you your day-by- day weather so that you know what to wear. I use this all the time and it’s saved me many times.

Now when it comes to wine there are several apps that I really enjoy while I’m traveling.

  • One is called Hello Vino. Imagine you’re in a restaurant and you’ve ordered your favorite meal, but you really have no idea what the right pairing would be for that meal. Simply open up Hello Vino, put what you’re eating, and it will give you recommendations based on what you’re eating. And that way you’ll know that you’ll have the best pairing for your meal.
  • Next is Delectable. This is essential for a wine tour, and it’s a really great tool because all you need to do is take a picture of the wine bottle that you’re enjoying, and it will categorize it for you by country and by region. You can put some notes in, so the next time you go home and you want to buy some wine, you’ll have all that information stored. Also, you can share it with your friends, which is really nice, and you can see what other friends are drinking as well.
  • Last but not least is Fromage. Fromage is an application for all cheese lovers. If you’ve ever been to a French restaurant, you know that sometimes they come around with a cart with 30 cheeses and you have no idea what you want to choose. So with this app, you’ll know which cheeses you prefer and how to order them the next time that cheese cart comes around.

And that’s it. That’s our Tuesday Tip in About a Minute. Do you have any apps that you would like to share with us? We’d love to know, please just comment below and stayed tuned for our next Tuesday Tip in About a Minute.

Editor’s Note: New for 2016–SAIP:  The French government has launched a free smartphone app to alert users about possible security incidents, including all major natural, technological and terrorist-related risks, in up to eight geographical areas. Called SAIP (Système d’alerte et d’information des populations), it is available in English and French.  Note: The Geolocation feature must be turned on in order for this app to work properly.

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