Leading wine and travel magazines celebrate French Wine Explorers tours

French Wine Explorers | Tuesday, Aug 31st 2010

French Wine Explorers has been named as one of the world’s best wine tours by Travel + Leisure magazine, as well as a dream vacation experience by Wine Enthusiast magazine.

Travel + Leisure’s September issue applauds French Wine Explorers for their focus and accessibility to the top wine producers in France and Italy. The company’s Bordeaux Prestige Tour is considered the “shining jewel” of French Wine Explorers’ tours, offering guests an exclusive glimpse into the best wine estates of the region. In August, Wine Enthusiast also celebrated the Bordeaux Prestige Tour as a “dream-like” experience, offering travelers “an intoxicating old vineyard-vibe” experience.

The popularity of these tours reflects a growing trend in travel: culinary tourism. Since 2001, culinary tourism—the integration of culinary excellence and the experience of traveling all in one—has grown exponentially each year. French Wine Explorers’ tours, like the Bordeaux Prestige Tour, offer travelers exactly that; the opportunity to truly experience European culture while learning about French wine and cuisine.

“People don’t just want an ordinary vacation, they want something personalized, something that immerses them deep within a culture,” says French Wine Explorers President Pascale Bernasse. “We are so honored that these prestigious publications recognized our excellence in offering travelers unique and very special experiences.”

Along with Bordeaux, French Wine Explorers offers tours to Burgundy, Paris, Champagne, the Rhone Valley, Loire and Italy.


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