French Wine Shipment Services Offered on French Wine Explorers Tours

Pascale Bernasse | Friday, Mar 22nd 2013
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French Wine Explorers’ tours now offer wines for purchase and shipment back to the guest’s homes, with shipping partners seamlessly coordinating wine shipments to a traveler’s home address.

French Wine Explorers brings guests to Bordeaux, Burgundy, Paris, Champagne, Rhone/Provence and the Loire Valley. With these newly formed partnerships, travelers can now to bring their French Wine Explorers tour experiences home, and enjoy France’s finest and most exclusive wines in the comforts of their own home.

In the United States, states require an import license for international wine shipments, and individuals must complete customs and duty requirements. Shipping partners in France, however, are equipped to ship wine into the United States (restrictions apply to certain states) and other countries under ideal conditions, and with customs and duty requirements fulfilled. Ultimately, this relieves travelers of navigating the obligations of shipping so they can continue to savor their winery tours at home, through the wines they experienced.

“Allowing travelers to purchase wine while on tour enhances and extends the tour for our guests, as they will be able to savor selected wines from their travels with us in the comforts of their home,” says Pascale Bernasse, President of French Wine Explorers. “Having our partners coordinate the shipment of purchased wines ensures that our guests will be receiving these wines under the best conditions after they return home from their tour.”

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