Wine Tours in France: Top 11 articles from our blog

Pascale Bernasse | Saturday, Jan 1st 2011

As 2010 comes to a close and we anticipate the New Year to begin, I reviewed the blogs we wrote about wine tours in France during the past year.
2010 provided to be a year of varied and curated content based on client inquiries, our personal experiences, and trends.
Here are the top 11 posts from our blog, according to our preferences, and visits.  Cheers!

1. Top 10 things to do on your wine tour in Bordeaux:
You may not be able to do all the things on our top 10 list of must do’s for Bordeaux, but you can certainly try!

2. Starting a Burgundy Wine Cellar
You may be pondering a trip to Burgundy, or have returned from that magical wine region, and would like to start putting aside some delicious wines for future enjoyment. Any good reason will do, and will start you on the way to enjoying wines when they are ready to drink.

3. Organic, Biodynamic, Vegan, Natural wines… What It All Means
All of these terms are sometimes used loosely and in many cases have no official definition. Certified organic wines, for example, actually have different meanings depending on the country of origin. Here’s a quick guide:

4. Top 10 experiences in Provence
Planning a trip to Provence? This area is vast and full of “must see” attractions. Here’s our shortlist of the top 10 experiences in Provence:

5. Rhône Wines: Sunshine For Your Wine Cellar
Perhaps you have enjoyed a delicious Rhône Valley wine, say a Châteauneuf du Pape. Or, you may have memories of a trip to the region, and sampling an assortment of fine regional wines. These suggested wines achieve a regional balance, as you explore beyond the wines that you have already enjoyed.

6. Champagne Wine Tours- the Best Way to Demystify Styles and Vintages
Brut, Sec, Demi-Sec, Non Vintage, Vintage, Organic, Bio Dynamic…what’s the best way to discover Champagne? A tour in this excellent region is the best and most efficient way to uncover all that sparkles in Champagne. Here’s a quick rundown of what we cover in our tours…

7. White Wines of the Loire Valley-perfect pairings for summer
The white wines of the Loire Valley are highly regarded. Let us first sample three of them, from three different grape varietals.

8. Making The Most Of Visiting Wine Châteaux
Why not let this be the year that you visit a wine château or two? You deserve it, and you will deepen your appreciation for fine wines. And there is always a wonderful sense of occasion behind visiting a wine château. You will long remember entering those château gates into the winemaker’s world, and then of course your visit, the tasting, and the inside information that the winemaker was glad to share with you. You will only wonder why it took so long to make your first visit to the region of wine châteaux.

9. Choosing Bordeaux Wine Futures
Care to buy some fine wines before they are even bottled? It is a well known practice, enabling wine producers recoup their costs early. Wine retailers are now sending around notices that wine futures for the heralded 2009 Bordeaux vintage are now available. A wine futures contract locks in a present price for wine to be delivered at a future date. For the 2009 vintage, that will most probably be in…

10. French Wine Explorers introduces luxury barge tours to France’s wine regions
French Wine Explorers announces the addition of luxury barge tour itineraries, which provide travelers one of the most relaxing and enchanting ways to explore France’s famous wine regions.

11. Champagne for the Holidays- a virtual Champagne Wine Region Tour
The Champagne wine region sparkles for the holidays. Here’s a recap of some Champagnes to add an indispensable sparkle to your holidays, and offer a virtual Champagne wine region tour.

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