Top 10 reasons to plan a tour to the vineyards of France

Pascale Bernasse | Friday, Oct 2nd 2009


Top 10 reasons to plan a tour to the vineyards of France:

Wanting to tour the vineyards in France? Now is the perfect time to plan your tour to see the best vineyards in France. Here are 10 reasons to inspire you to plan your tour today!

1. French Wine and Cuisine is the heart and soul of France, and a wine and culinary tour elevates your senses, and provides memories that last a lifetime.
2. Wine can still be an affordable pleasure, travel to your favorite wine region in France and with our help, find out how discover great options that you can incorporate when purchasing wine to drink now, hold, or offer.
3. The 2009 vintage overall is showing to be promising in terms of quality, and may be as well in terms of price-find out why.
4. Hotels are still looking for leisure travelers to fill demand that business travelers have left behind-take advantage of favorable hotel rates-especially during the off season.
5. The restaurant value-added tax has gone down from over 20% to under 6%, a huge savings for travelling gourmands.
6. Compliment your wine and culinary travels to France with upcoming art events including the Monet show, Normandy Impressionist Festival, the new Impressionist Museum in Giverny to name a few.
7. Air France offers the new Premium Voyageur cabin on all long-haul flights. It provides the comfort of a brand-new class at a price tailored to professional and private travel.
8. Travel with a purpose: return home an expert in your favorite French wine region, expand your horizons and become a world citizen of wine!
9. The 2010 Tour de France will hit Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux, a sign that these regions are ripe as top tourist destinations in France.
10. Wine tastes better when it has a story behind it. Let us help you create your story!

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